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There are a number of exciting things happening in the Whistling Duck World this winter. For information or to register for the new Guitar Mama group, contact us. Retreat registration and payment are through the link.
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New Guitar Mama Showcase Group – ONE WEDNESDAY PER MONTH

Guitar Mama Showcase is an opportunity to gather with like-minded women on the music making journey.  Every month every woman shares with the group whatever she has been working on, whether it’s a new chord or a song or a new strum or finally mastering singing and playing together.  Three Canmore groups are going strong – a new group starting now puts everyone together on the same page.  All ranges of experience are welcome – the only necessity is a willingness to share at your own pace.  Come out to meet other interested women, discuss logistics, ask questions and jam through some fun tunes at your own level.

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Guitar Mama Beginner Retreat – February 8-10, 2019

A chance for women at the start of the guitar-playing road to learn together and improve the basics of playing in a relaxed, encouraging environment.  Away from the distractions of daily life and in the company of other women learning from the start, you will grow in chording, strumming, fingerpicking and comfort as well as carving out some time for YOU.  Registration is open!