Joining the Brotherhood

Brotherhood of Strings Membership

As a member of the Brotherhood of Strings (BOS), you join a fellowship of music makers, each at a different place on the guitar-mastering journey.  Foremost, membership allows you to meet with a local chapter who will encourage you in your own progress.

In addition, you will receive privileges such as access to a secure area of the website containing instructional videos, features, articles, links, suggestions and other tidbits, potential corporate benefits, – as well as occasional snazzy BOS swag.

Responsibilities of membership are simple.  Push yourself at your own pace, but push yourself.  Keep a positive, encouraging attitude toward the other Brothers, remembering that each is on an individual path.  Whistling Duck Music reserves the right to revoke membership in any of our groups at our discretion.

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What if there is not a Brotherhood gathering in your area?  You can get one going, and we’ll help you.

Starting a BOS Group

Membership Fees

Membership in the Brotherhood of Strings carries a fee of $15 per month per man.  This fee is payable through the website, and can be set up to automatically charge a card through PayPal every month.  Membership is active immediately upon registration, and can be cancelled at any time with one month’s notice.  Payment of membership fees does not tie a player to a particular chapter, although it is best for everyone to be affiliated with a consistent group.

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