What’s With The Name?

Consider the duck. They’re everywhere – the most common of waterfowl. They are normal, everyday birds, not graceful in flight or on land. They’re kind of rotund, but they don’t complain. They waddle. Ducks are not known for their song, in fact, quite the opposite.

If you look more closely however, you see the beauty in the duck. Between species, their individuality is accented by the details of their iridescent feathers and the huge variety of colours of their legs. What they’ve got, they let shine. They take what comes their way, hold onto the good and the rest is, well, water off a duck’s back.

Often found alone or in pairs, ducks thrive in community where they are not afraid to offer what they’ve got. They’ve been known to adopt each other, even across species. And in the case of many, their creativity is boundless – why settle for a quack when you can whistle? And look even more closely – a duck is always smiling.

Consider whistling. Nearly always is whistling considered an expression of joy and ease. Whistling can be shrill or breathy and can be accomplished in any number of ways; through the teeth, lips only, fingers in the mouth, using a blade of grass…. Sometimes it is considered melodic while other times it is not. Whistling is a universal sound, although it is the last thing you might expect from a duck.  That is what makes a Whistling Duck stand out.

Whistling Duck Music invites you – yes YOU – to join the flock of joyful music makers. Whatever you have to offer is the start point, and we’ll waddle or fly (gracefully or otherwise) together towards a place of making sounds and building solid community around the music that is naturally in each of us. How are you going to take what you’ve got and let it shine?